Garment Storage Bags

Our range of garment bags are the perfect solution for storing away your garments and keeping them moth free. All our garment bags have a Velcro fastening around the neck of the hanger to stop moths & dust getting inside the bag.

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  • Set of 4 Non-woven Storage Bag - Medium

    Set of 4 Non-woven Storage Bag - Medium

    Set of 4 Non-woven Storage Bags- Medium. This medium garment cover (135cm long) is ideal for dresses and coats. It is made of breathable, non-woven material that keeps moths and dust out. Learn More

  • Cashmere Storage Bag

    Cashmere Storage Bag

    This bag is perfect for two cashmere knits or one big cosy one. It is made of washable cotton and has an organdie window so you can see what's inside. The zip goes around two sides of the bag for easy access. Learn More

  • Garment Storage Bag - Small

    Garment Storage Bag - Small

    Our storage bags come in three sizes and are made from 100% washable cotton. An organdie pocket holds our specially designed postcard to record the description of the stored garments.

    Each bag holds 6-8 garments saving more space than bagging items individually. They have a special grown-on neck feature with velcro fastening which seals the spaces between the necks of the hangers, so the pesky moths can’t creep in!

    These bags are perfect for out-of-season storage; this small size fits skirts and jackets.

    Learn More

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