Moth Traps

Our pheromone moth trap can monitor and resolve your moth infestation. The adhesive board in the moth trap attracts and catches male moths by releasing the female pheromone. The moths stick to the adhesive and eventually die, helping to break the breeding cycle.

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  • Moth Box

    Moth Box

    Designed to stop the breeding cycle, our effective moth box attracts the male moths onto the female pheromone-impregnated adhesive strip which traps and ultimately kills them. This strip also helps to discern the seriousness of your moth problem. Simply remove the pheromone strip from the package and it insert into the moth box. Place outside your wardrobe in quiet, undisturbed place.

    Effective for 12 weeks after opening. Learn More

  • Moth Box Re-fills x 2 pieces

    Moth Box Re-fills x 2 pieces

    • Female pheromone bait disperses into the air, attracting sexually active male moths
    • Moths will stick to the adhesive sheet within the Moth Box
    • The number of moths caught will give you some idea about the intensity of the Moth problem
    Learn More

  • Moth Decoy

    Moth Decoy

    The Moth Decoy is a small tablet made of carnauba wax micropowder infused with pheromones of the female moth. As the powder is released in the air it attracts nearby male moths. When a male moth comes into contact with the electrostatic powder, it sticks to the antennae, blocking the receptors and confusing the moth. Instead of searching for female partners, he spreads the powder far and wide, attracting other males, who then also become confused and stop searching for female moths. As the moths fail to breed the lifecycle is interrupted. Over time, without any moths being killed, the powder helps to create a reduction in moth numbers. Learn More

  • Anti-Moth Starter Pack

    Anti-Moth Starter Pack

    Think you have moths but don't know where to start? The our Anti-Moth starter pack could be the perfect solution. We have created a bundle of our most effective anti-moth products to get you on your way to a moth free wardrobe. This starter pack includes the following items.

    1 x Moth Box (RRP £7.00)
    2 x Knitwear (RRP £20.00)
    2 x Scented Hanging Sachet (RRP £10.00)
    2 x Scented Drawer Sachet (RRP £6.00)
    You save £10.50!

    We will also include a handy guide on how to get rid of moths! Learn More

  • Moth DIY Kit

    Moth DIY Kit

    Introducing our NEW Moth DIY Kit- helping you get RID of those pesky moths! A great bundle of AMAZING products-for ONLY £55 At Total Wardrobe Care we believe in the NATURAL way, for keeping the moths at bay DON'T MISS OUT! Learn More

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